Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Detached Elitism from Times/Sulzberger

OnNYTurf is opinionating on the NY Times Real Estate Company's sop to Yassky and Bruce. The Paper of Wrecker, Bruce Ratner's development partner, claims that unlike Chris Owens in the 11th District race, David Yassky has "passion" (if passion is the will to please all while pleasing nobody, sure) and a "base" (we guess the Times is the last to know that Mr. Yassky JUST MOVED INTO THE DISTRICT TO RUN THIS RACE SO HOW ON EARTH CAN HE HAVE A BASE?!).

We've made it pretty clear that Chris Owens is our guy and the only 11th CD candidate opposed to Atlantic Yards. We have found Owens' passion to be his defining characteristic on the campaign trail. And his base is broad (admittedly tough for the Times board to recognize from over there as they anticipate moving into their new eminent domain enabled digs.) More and more the Times' endorsement is simply the imprimatur of an elitist real estate enthralled house organ to be ignored by the vast majority of New Yorkers who don't really give a damn about a developer's political opinions. (okay, we just took a deep breath).

Check out what OnNYTurf has to say in its blog post, Times Endorses Ratner for CD-11.


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