Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Siegel for Batson

The Batson for Brooklyn website has published an open letter from civil rights attorney, former ACLU Executive Director and People's Advocate (as opposed to the "Phantom of City Hall") Norman Siegel, giving his full-throated support, lists his reasons for endorsement and pitch for campaign contributions. Read it and you'll learn a lot about Batson that you might not know.

Why is this important? Siegel is widely recognized as an active and public opponent of the "Atlantic Yards" proposal. In Siegel's race last year for the Public Advocate seat he won only three Assembly Districts in the entire City.

One of those three AD's was the 57th. That is where Batson is battling it out with Hakeem Jeffries and Freddie Hamilton. Many believe that Batson is the frontrunner in that race. All should take a look at Siegel's victory in the 57th and consider that it may very well be a harbinger in the Assembly race so inextricably tied to "Atlantic Yards."


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