Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Some White Guys"

Reports have come in that the Ratner-fueled Tracy Boyland campaign (posters, posters everywhere and not a filing to be found) against staunch "Atlantic Yards" opponent State Senator Velmanette Montgomery has been up to some bizarre and highly offensive DIRTY TRICKS.

First there was word of a Ratner/Boyland push poll. But that is par for the course. The latest DIRTY TRICK is, well, just read this from the Atlantic Yards Report:
Mongomery reported evidence of some underhanded campaign tactics.“One of my constituents in Bed-Stuy told me some people came to her home and asked her to support Tracy Boyland," Montgomery recounted. "She asked who Boyland is running against and was told, ‘some white woman named Montgomery.'"
State Senator Velmanette Montgomery

Bizarre and DIRTY, but no big surprise from the gang that exploits race, pays anyone willing to be paid, and fabricates all sorts of nonsense to push forward a highly profitable real estate deal, to paraphrase, "for some white guys."


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