Monday, August 14, 2006

We Spoke Too Soon

Regarding Connor v. Diamondstone, and the race between Marty Connor and Ken Diamondstone, perhaps we spoke too soon.

From the Politicker:
Connor to Try Again

We've just heard from Ken Diamondstone that Marty Connor will appeal the Supreme Court decision to allow Diamondstone to appear on the ballot in their race for State Senate, and that they will appear at the Brooklyn Appellate Courthouse tomorrow.

Diamondstone contends that Connor is attempting to further tie up his campaign resources with the challenge, which could run through August 23, and believes that Connor doesn't want to talk about the issues facing the district, calling him "mostly absent." And he said that the whole effort to elimiate him from the race was actually about...

Clarence Norman.

Read on for more comments from Diamondstone after the jump.


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