Saturday, September 02, 2006

ALL Politics Are Local

Mole333 at Daily Gotham explains why, even though Atlantic Yards will play out on the State and City level, a candidate's postion on Atlantic Yards provides insight into who they are as principled or unprincipled politicians and whose side they are on. Mole333 writes:
Some have told me that Atlantic Yards should not be discussed in the context of a Congressional race because it is a local issue. I would agree if it was the ONLY issue that differentiates the candidates. But it isn't. Chris has taken many stands on many issues and should be judged on those as well. However, a candidate's reaction to Atlantic Yards is a good measure of his or her general attitude towards government. To me, politicians who support Ratner and BUILD are showing a willingness to support cronyism and corruption. Cronyism and corruption are two of my biggest criticisms of today's Republican party and I think it was cronyism and corruption that was behind the failures in New Orleans after Katrina and behind the no-bid contracts for Halliburton. To me a politician who supports Atlantic Yards doesn't get the need to end cronyism and corruption at all levels of government.


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