Friday, September 01, 2006


From Mole333 at Daily Gotham we learn that Caribbean-American Weekly has endorsed Chris Owens for the 11th. And we couldn't agree more. With his early stance against the War in Iraq and the War on Brooklyn he couldn't be anything other than clean and outside the machine. Which is exactly what we need much more of in Brooklyn.

To Caribbean-American Weekly we say "ditto."
We heartily endorse the candidacy of Chris Owens. He is 'a breath of fresh air' in the toxic atmosphere of Brooklyn machine politics. He offers a clear alternative to the Carl Andrews school of patronage, to the David Yassky school of political opportunism, and to the Yvette Clarke school of capitulation to powerful real estate developers." In summation, they say, "Chris Owens is head and shoulders above the rest of the congressional field. He best exemplifies the Shirley Chisholm paradigm of clean, independent and progressive politics. We reiterate our mantra for this campaign 'Owens in 2006.


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