Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hakeem's Insincerity on Eminent Domain

Hakeem Jeffries has refused to denounce and oppose the use of eminent domain at Atlantic Yards. So, when his recent campaign mailer was in our pile, we were befuddled. It reads, "...Hakeem Jeffries will:
Protect our communities from the private abuse of eminent domain."

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"Private abuse of eminent domain?" Huh? What we have with Atlantic Yards is a public and private abuse of eminent domain. How can Jeffries hold this position while at the same time talking about a "principled compromise" at Atlantic Yards. Either you are for or against the use of eminent domain for Atlantic Yards.

The piece of paper in our mailbox suggests that Jeffries would be against Atlantic Yards because of its abuse of eminent domain. But the real life walking talking candidate has said no such thing. Ever. What does this mean? Insincerity, in our view; Lack of principles; Slick, imprecise, fence-sitting language.

On the other hand, Bill Batson who is vying for the same 57th Assembly District Seat has worked to save an Underground Rail Road site from the City's use of eminent domain. And Batson, who is the only candidate in the race opposed to Atlantic Yards, has the following on his campaign website:
...Eminent domain for economic enhancement is terrible precedent that must never be set. Using it to seize an historic site of without Brooklyn’s tradition of radical abolition, slaves could never have made it from the south to Canada. The underground rail road is a national disgrace. Henry Ward Beecher must be pounding bibles and firing rifles in his grave.

What solutions do the private sector offer to meet our urgent needs as a borough? A Trojan Horse arena packed with 16 skyscrapers; the extreme density of 19,000 new residents and thousands of new commuters and thousands of cars and more eminent domain.

The Forest City proposal was never about hoops or housing because Forest City has no track record in either enterprise. This is about money and valuable real estate: a broad-day light property theft under the color of law...
That sounds like a clear position on eminent domain and Atlantic Yards to us.


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