Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Politicians and Fighters

Congratulations to all the candidates. Congratulations to the winners.

This guide was NEVER about who would win. Quite the contrary, it was a guide about who was unequivocally standing up for the community and who was wholly or partially defending Ratner and the ESDC's "right" to loot, and plunder a real estate treasure at Brooklyn's hub.

Those who have fervently and consistently opposed "Atlantic Yards" (Batson, Owens, Montgomery, Barron) were challenging an enormous power structure:
Institutional party machine support, massive union support, media support and corporate support.
Challenging unprincipled, politics-as-usual is always an uphill battle. Challenging corporate interests will always bring out the long knives.

(Despite her incumbency, Senator Velmanette Montgomery struggled to stave off the empty-suit, law-breaking, Ratner-fuled Boyland campaign.)

That's why you'll ALWAYS find that campaigns that truly stand for something, truly challenge the power structure, are grassroots campaigns; while those that are simply about getting elected, and saying what one needs to say to get elected, pay their "volunteers," or receive institutional (read: entrenched) support.

The Batson campaign was borne out of opposition to "Atlantic Yards." That movement forced the issue of "Atlantic Yards" to the fore of numerous local races. And that movement–nearing its fourth year–transcends Democratic Primary elections.

That movement will ALWAYS side with the fighters, and try to work with the politicians.

That movement, we are sure, will continue on. And we expect that those fighters will be at the ramparts.

Meanwhile, we'll keep an eye on the politicians to see how they maneuver on the battlefield.


More from the Blathersphere (those in the the know, and those not so):

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and a special item:

The Ratner contributions just keep coming


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