Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why Hakeem's Pandering Is Offensive

A commenter over on Daily Gotham's post, "Hakeem Jeffries Flip Flop Flips on Atlantic Yards,", by Mole333 sums things up pretty well about Hakeem's recent mailer. This commenter posts the following;
Its about defending positions not taking sides, Jeffries Deflect
Submitted by coward (not verified) on Sat, 2006-09-09 13:33.

You don't need to be "with or against us" but you need to be willing to FIGHT if elected to back up the claim on his own literature that says he will FIGHT TO PROTECT PEOPLE AGAINST THE ABUSE OF EMINENT DOMAIN FOR PRIVATE USE."

HOWEVER, when asked WHAT he will DO, if elected and the abuse of Emininet Domain takes place, he does not and will not answer that question.... It is all good and fine when these lame, pussy footing politicians want to be "diplomatic" but you can't say you oppose something in its present form and yet do NOTHING to try to change the present form. You can be diplomatic, say you think there are some good aspects of the project ( if you can find them) but to take no stand on how you intend to hold the developer to his promises, or how you will inforce your beliefs that some of the project is bad...that is as good as taking a side "for," the project. So, while agree with the statement that it is not just about taking is about taking a stand and having a back bone....Jeffries, Yassky and all these "fence" people leave me with NO FAITH that if the project goes through that they might do ANYTHING to fight for changing the things they pretended to be concerned about.

Jeffries is running to protect and represent a neighborhood that won't even exist if this project goes through. If it goes through there will be no low income community, small time home grown people to represent. Thus making his campaign a bit of an imaginary scenario.

We couldn't agree more.


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