Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marty Wants a Third Term, Voters Be Damned

Beep Markowitz, according to the Times, is in favor of ending term limits.

His position on term limits gives a glimpse into the way Markowitz disdainfully views voters and constituents. On the Times City Room blog Markowitz says:
“If the laws were changed and they allowed another term, I’d certainly be honored to serve another term,” Mr. Markowitz added. “But the choice would be up to the voters.”

Marty should be informed that the choice has been made by the voters—they ratified term limits twice. Also someone should tell Marty that if we get rid of term limits, it doesn't automatically give him a third term.

There is no reason to expect something different from the guy who has been the cheerleader in chief for Bruce Ratner and has no other office to turn to. But wouldn't Markowitz be able to easily get a job with Forest City Ratner once public office is no longer available to him?

Anyways, we endorse Markowitz wholeheartedly...for retirement.


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