Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silver Tarnishes Dem Convention

What a great historic night it was last night. Officially nominating the first African-American Presidential nominee, a nominee who will change this country, which so desperately needs change, a Democratic nominee who will win...what a great night.

It was only tarnished by one thing: The corrupt Assembly Speaker Silver introducing Senator Hillary Clinton so she could put an end the roll call vote.

His presence alone smudges the affair, but giving him such a momentary national platform (albeit not exactly in prime time) made us puke a bit.

Governor Paterson, by all rights, should have done that introducing.

Silver stands for pay to play cronyism and consolidation of top down power so anathema to soon to be President-elect Obama's message, one can only hope that the whiff of corruption dissipates in the thin Denver air before the party leaves the city.


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