Monday, September 08, 2008

Vote Bill Saunders for Male District Leader in the 57th

There is an important primary tomorrow for male district leader in the 57th Assembly District. Machine candidate Walter Moseley is trying to unseat incumbent Bill Saunders. Moseley is part of the Towns machind and, like Towns supports, Atlantic

Saunders has been a consistently outspoken Atlantic Yards opponent.

Brownstoner has more:
...There's a lower profile but important race in the 57th Assembly District (which encompasses Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights and parts of Bed Stuy). Bill Saunders, a fixture in the area for decades, is being challenged for the position of District Leader by Walter Moseley, a former employee of Clarence Norman, supporter of Atlantic Yards and part of the Ed Towns machine. As for Saunders, he's taken firm positions on two issues that may interest Brownstoner readers: He's been a critic of the Atlantic Yards process and, along with State Senator Velmanette Montgomery and Councilmember Tish James, spoke up in defense of The Flea this summer when it was briefly under fire; Saunders has been endorsed by the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats...
Vote Saunders on September 9th.


At 9:42 AM, Blogger DemPartysupporter said...

Saunders has only defended two issues: being against the Atlanic Yards and defending The Flea. What has he done for Brooklyn during his term? Does anyone know? Absolutely nothing. There is no known supportive data that details exactly what Saunders has actually done for his district. What is know about Saunders? He supports The Flea, which is a local Brooklyn flea market that brings in traffic, noise, and street litter/garbage on a weekly basis into a small neighborhood, who themselves oppose having The Flea. Saunders opposes The Atlanic Yard, which can potentially serve as much needed new jobs for many Brooklyn natives.It is possible that Ed Towns and Walter Mosley have the right idea for our struggling economy and Brooklyn. Vote for Change. VOTE TOWNS/MOSLEY on Sept 9th.


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