Thursday, October 02, 2008

13 Reasons Bloomberg Shouldn't Be Re-elected

Concluding "Term limits were made for this man," Lost City
summarizes "13 Reasons Bloomber Shouldn't Be Re-elected," and starts with....Atlantic Yards:

I'm not sure why a great chunk of the metropolitan population, when thinking about Michael Bloomberg, don't remember his many mayoral failings, but only that they kinda like him for some reason. So, as Mayor "I-know-you-need-me" Mike jockeys for a third term, I thought I'd jog some memories with 13 reasons why he doesn't deserve one more single day.

1. Atlantic Yards. That gaping hole in downtown Brooklyn is as much his fault as Ratner's. He allowed it to happen, funneling money from the City coffers to the developer and looking the other way as Ratner twisted every law in the book,including that of Eminent Domain, in his favor.
Lost City's list continues with (go to the blog for the explanations) :

2. The West Side Stadium.

3. Every Ugly Condo Tower and Every Dangerous Construction Site You See. 4. Unaccountability.

5. He's Too Charitable for the City's Good.

6. Every Chain Store You See.

7. Amanda Burden.

8. Big Vision Projects.

9. Wall Street Melted Down on his Watch.

10. He Buys Elections.

11. He Changes Stripes. Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, became a Republican in order to win City Hall. He then became an Independent when he hoped to run for President. THE MAN HAS NO CONVICTIONS EXCEPT PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT!

12. He's a Fake Subway Rider.

13. He Allowed This Picture to Be Taken of Him.


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