Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg: Disgrace

Mayor Bloomberg thinks that some things are a disgrace:

Disgrace - Overriding the voters on term limits (Aug. 2005):
"I think it would be an absolute disgrace to go around the public will," he said on Aug. 30, 2005.

The City Council, over his veto, changed the law once to allow its speaker, Gifford Miller, an extra two years in office.

Bloomberg said four years ago: "They already did, I thought, monkey around with it to extend the definition of two terms to two and a half. Enough!"

Disgrace - Real Estate Money (Feb. 2008):
Responding to a question on campaign finance, he told reporters that he thinks it’s “a disgrace” that some real estate developers are giving to all the viable candidates, as “pay to play” is too prevalent in the city.

He knows a disgrace when he sees one, except when it's in the mirror.


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