Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bill de Blasio is Tall

We got this three-foot long campaign piece from Bill de Blasio in the mail the other day, and a similar piece of lit today. This is one inner panel of the piece:

Yup, Bill de Blasio is claiming to be a "BIG GUY." Each panel on this piece and the other one we got states that he is a "BIG GUY," and that as a "BIG GUY" he will stand up for New Yorkers.

It is absolutely true that Bill de Blasio is a TALL GUY. But we don't know how BIG he is. We do know that he has been a small guy when it comes to standing up for "all New Yorkers" in the Atlantic Yards development fight and many other development fights in and around his district. 

Tall Guy? Yes. "BIG GUY?" We don't think so.

(Note: This running on one's size thing might be a first; we can't be sure. But can you picture campaign lit from Abraham Lincoln: "Vote for me, I'm a BIG GUY.")


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